Is it just me or every time I think of something about me and later when someone asks me about myself, I’m left blank and in deep thoughts as to who I am?


Like me? I’d rather be jumping roofs and dancing like a… whatever it’s called. I’m someone who is always there to listen. I’m someone who doesn’t like to give advice and I believe you make your own choices but yes, I will give an honest opinion, weighing the facts. I’m that person who will never actively lead anything but if there is no one and things get out of hand, I’ll always be there to lift it up.

I guess this is where I tell you I graduated from school in March 2017 and am now awaiting for any college to accept me and say,

“Welcome! You just are one of those lucky(or not) humans who get to cure other animals (who have more humanity than the said humans) like dogs, cats and cattle!”

Whatever the case, I started this blog on 18th August 2016 as a science student in her final year of high school and have hopefully progressed since. This blog is mostly an outlet for me since writing about what is in my mind helps me in the process of self clarification and organisation. If you’re one of those crazy planner kinds, what’re you waiting for? Click the box below and follow! That’s why the quote says “Growing up with different phases.”

Anyways, the blog is “Etarpi” which originally stands for The Tarred Pioneer. Get it?

What’s my dream? Well, I’m kind of a romantic but I’m also a very career oriented person- and if that can include how I want to go to Africa and save all the animals I can find and work alongside NGOs as a veterinary doctor, then yeah. When I say I’m romantic, it means I’m in love with animals. Lol, just kidding, you know what I mean.

Something’s up every three days and it mostly revolves around dogs, family, love, depression and life. I can be a super indecisive person and mostly, that’s why I can get pretty impulsive. Sorry?



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