The time I got an Anti-rabies Injection

I hate injections. It’s not the fear of the pinch but more of the instilled fear in the mind.

At least that’s what I feel or what I have conferred this time.


You will soon find out.


I think I’m one of the first Indian kids who actively wants to be a vet. It’s funny, but true. I don’t mind medicine (it’s in the same entrance exam) but the point is, I’ve seen too many sick humans. Both my parents are doctors and I’ve spent the maximum amount of time in a hospital as compared to home. Thus, too many sick humans.

Which brings me to my next topic, not enough people who actively care for animals. Even in veterinary sciences, I wish for wildlife which is silly, since there isn’t much left.

However, as is the custom of Indian parents, they prefer medicine over a friendly family vet. This is the main reason my mother asked me to volunteer at a pet clinic.


It’s only for a month and it’s very convienent as I’m anyways waiting for colleges. By the time this month is over, I’ll have my experience and a college.

This clinic deals with everything except the large animals (cattle and poultry) which leaves us with dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits and an occassional turtle.

I think my mom sent me to reconsider my career choice and if that’s the case, her plan is going to backfire.

I love it there. I have a nine to five volunteering activity with a lunch break at two. There are about three doctors in the very-wide clinic and let me say this, it’s an extremely well equipped one. But that’s a story for another time.



This is about last friday when I got a scratch.

On friday, I got to go for my second home visit. To a beautiful house with a pretty, michevious looking greyish black persian kitten. All I had to do was accompany the doctor and help out.

By the time we came, the kitten was severely dehydrated. She had been puking since last evening (thursday) and did not eat or drink anything. Even the owners called us only by afternoon (friday). First of, how silly. If your cat is puking so badly and not drinking enough water, why the hell aren’t you rushing to the vet? What are you doing?

It’s not my place to comment anyways.

I held the thin, fragile kitten on the table as the doctor checked her heart rate and temperature. The heart rate was low. He then tried IV.

We trimmed the fur to find the vein, taking a swab and applying it. After three tries on the foreleg, we decided to try the hind leg.

During this time, as the doctor tried to prick and I was holding her head and neck, lightly calming her, she snapped back. Her thin canines scratched the side of my finger and lightly touched my other finger. Did you know flesh wounds hurt more than deeper ones? They sting.

At first I didn’t think it was important and focused on the task at hand.

We gave the hind leg a try this time but before we could begin, the doctor decided to check the cat again.

This is when we found out that the poor being had gone into a dehydration shock. There was nothing we could do about it. Without the IV, she would’ve anyways not survived and we couldn’t find the vein due to low pressure.

I grit my teeth as the doctor tried to get her heart to start pumping again, pushing up and down with his palm. After a couple of tries, he stood up.

Did you know that when a cat dies, her facial expression looks as if she’s crying? All the lines on her forehead and jaws becomes more prominent.

Later, when we were going back, both of us felt like we could’ve done more.

What if we could’ve come earlier?

Or got the IV running faster?

Nothing really mattered since it was all over and done with.

But this was my first case when the animal died and it felt horrible. My finger stung as I noticed it for the first time. There were tiny drops of blood forming.

I didn’t think twice before putting the matter aside and the biggest mistake, I didn’t tell the doctor.

People, rabies is a thing okay?

I did wash my hands thoroughly.



Later when I reached home, I told my mother the story and showed her the tiny scratch which was nothing more than just that, a scratch.

And she was furious.

Being in the profession, she started lecturing me about my carelessness over not wearing the gloves or taking the necessary precautions. She even got to the point of telling me how this job isn’t perfect at all if I don’t use my brains.

I was rushed back to the clinic. Mom wasn’t mad at the staff or anyone except me. I mean, it was my fault. There was nothing anyone could do if they weren’t informed. Even as a parent, mom knew that and she bought an anti-rabies and a tetanus shot from the nearby pharmacy.

The prescription was written and given by the veterinarian. Even the injections were put by the same doctor.

After all, he is a doctor and he does put injections pretty often. I think he did a fine job of it. I didn’t feel a thing.

Maybe dealing with animals is more difficult and he needs to be extra careful. We people don’t move around when we get an injection and bear the pain. Animals don’t. They can thrash around even with a touch. So, I think veterinarians need to be extra careful, even with people holding the animal to keep it still.

Whatever the case, I think I got used to injections. I’ve seen them being given to animals for the past week and I’ve given a few myself. The pain is in the mind. The pinch is hardly felt.

Anti-rabies is an important injection. The first is given with a tetanus shot on “Day 0”, the second is on Day 3 and the third is on Day 7. It’s important to get one within 24 hours even if it’s just a scratch.

Anyways, there goes my responsibility and care.




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